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We have opened OAEI friends network in http://www.muravin.com. You can interact with other visitors by making friends, sharing acoustic emission information, media, posting comments, and more. Invite friends from other social networks and contact lists to join OAEI network.

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Google Insights- Interest on AE subject over the world

Today Google announced about a new product that was developed here in Israel called Google Insights. It can be used to analyze searches on different subjects by countries. I am sending you such a search regarding Acoustic Emission. You can see where people were more interested in the technology. Most are coming from India. But another interesting parameter is that the global interest for AE (according to Google Insights) is reducing almost 5 times since 2004. It is intersting information but I think that it is too early to come to this conclusions based on Google, since they only started and I found some other questions. For example there zero rearches of AE from Russia and Israel.


Boris Muravin


(Acoustic Emission) קבוצת דיון בנושא פליטה אקוסטית

שלום רב,
לצורך קידום שיטת פליטה אקוסטית בישראל נפתחה קבוצת דיון בנושא.
אתם מוזמנים לפנות אלי עם שאלות לגבי השיטה וישומיה
פרטים נוספים באתר
דר' בוריס מורבין
יו"ר התא לפליטה אקוסטית בלישכת המהנדסים


Visual Acoustic Emission

It is usual to describe AE in terms of sound. But most of fracture processes are accompanied by AE in inaudible frequencies and therefore it is difficult for newcomers to imaging and understand the phenomenon. In www.muravin.com/AE you can find a number of movies that effectively visualizes AE phenomena.

Acoustic Emission education program/courses

Work in the field of Acoustic Emission (AE) requires a multidisciplinary knowledge in many scientific areas and appropriate experience. Nevertheless, currently, there are neither dedicated academic programs for preparation of AE specialists nor recommended practices for a self-study. As a result, preparation of new specialists in the field of AE is incomplete and takes a long time.

For methodological, systematic approach to preparation of AE specialists it necessary to prepare a dedicated educational program.  For this purpose I developed a map of Acoustic Emission science that combines theoretical and technological aspects. This map can be used as an outline of course of Acoustic Emission. This map can be downloaded also in pdf format.

Details in www.muravin.com/AE

Research projects in Acoustic Emission for students

The following research projects are open now for students studying for BSc and MSc degree in Israeli Universities:
1. Advanced methods for location of Acoustic Emission sources in concrete and aerospace composites.
2. Simulation of Acoustic Emission by Finite Elements Numerical methods.
Candidates should send their CVs to Boris Muravin

Details in www.muravin.com/AE.


Acoustic Emission Discussion Board

Welcome to ask question or open a new discussion about Acoustic Emission. More details on www.muravin.com/AE