Acoustic emission testing of fiber reinforced plastic structures - updated list of standards

Here the updated list of standards dedicated to acoustic emission testing of fiber reinforced plastic structures:
  • ASTM E 1067 Standard Practice for Acoustic Emission Examination of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Resin (FRP) Tanks/Vessels. 
  • ASTM E 1118 Standard Practice for Acoustic Emission Examination of Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Pipe (RTRP).
  • ASTM E 1888 / E 1888M Standard Practice for Acoustic Emission Examination of Pressurized Containers Made of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic with Balsa Wood Cores.
  • ASTM E 2478 Standard Practice for Determining Damage-Based Design Stress for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Materials Using Acoustic Emission. 
  • ASTM E 2533 Standard Guide for Nondestructive Testing of Polymer Matrix Composites Used in Aerospace Applications. 
  • ASTM E 2076 Standard Test Method for Examination of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Fan Blades Using Acoustic Emission.
  • ASTM E 2661 / E 2661M-10 Standard Practice for Acoustic Emission Examination of Plate-like and Flat Panel Composite Structures Used in Aerospace Applications. 
  • ASTM WK29034 (in preparation) New Practice for Examination of the Composite Overwrap in Filament Wound Pressure Vessels Used in Aerospace Applications by Nondestructive Testing. 
  • ASME STP-PT-021 – Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation Methods for Composite Hydrogen Tanks. 
  • ASME STP-PT-023 – Guidelines for In-service Inspection of Composite Pressure Vessels. 
  • ASME Standard: Section X, Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Pressure Vessels. 
  • ASME Standard: Section V, Article 11, Subsection A, Section V, Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Acoustic Emission Examination of Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Vessels.


Understanding ASNT SNT-TC-1A and CP-189

New presentation understanding ASNT SNT-TC-1A and CP-189 dedicated to qualification and certification of acoustic emission personnel is published in www.muravin.com


Acoustic Emission conferences and meeting in 2011 and 2012

Annual Israeli Acoustic Emission Group meeting on February 24, 2011, Tel-Aviv.

The 53rd Acoustic Emission Working Group Meeting on May 18-19, 2011, Denver, Colorado, USA.

World Conference on Acoustic Emission— WCAE2011 will take place in Beijing, China on 24-26 August 2011. For details visit: http://wcae2011.org/.

The 7th International Conference on Acoustic Emission will take place in Granada, Spain on September 12-15, 2012. For details visit: http://www.2012.ewgae.eu/.


Reference list for ASNT Level III in Acoustic Emission

ASNT Level III basic examination reference list:
1. NDT Handbook: Volume 10,NDT Overview, 2nd ed.
2. Level III Study Guide: Basic.
3. SNT-TC-1A (1996 edition).
4. ANSI/ASNT CP-189 (1995 edition).
5. Introduction to NDT: A Training Guide.
6. Materials and Processes for NDT Technology.
7. ASM Handbook Vol. 17, NDE and QC.

ASNT Level III Acoustic Emission examination reference list:
1. Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Volume 03.03, Nondestructive Testing. Philadelphia, PA: American Society for Testing and Materials. Latest edition.
2. Bingham,- Ek and Tanner, eds. Acoustic Emission Testing of Aerial Devices and Associated Equipment used in the Utility Industries - STP 1139. Philadelphia, PA: American Society for Testing and Materials,1992.
3. Boiler and, Pressure vessel code, section v. Articles 11 and 12. New York, NY: American society of Mechanical Engineers. Latest edition.
4. Drouillard, T.F. Acoustic Emission: A Bibliography with Abstracts. New York: Plenum Press, 1978.
5. Journal of Acoustic Emission. Volume 8, Number 1-2. (1989). Los Angeles, CA: Acoustic Emission Group.
6. Mathews, J.R. Acoustic Emission. (1983)
7. Miller, Ronnie K., and Paul McIntire, eds. Nondestructive Testing Handbook, Vol.5: second edition, Acoustic Emission Testing. Columbus, OH: The American society for Nondestructive Testing, 1987.
8. Nicoll, A. R. Acoustic Emission. Germany: DGM Metallurgy Informationsgesellschaft, 1980.


Materials and Processess for NDT Technologies

I have collected several YouTube movies dedicated to Materials and Processes in NDT technologies, one of the subject of ASNT Level III basic examination.

All playlists available here:


Acoustic Emission presentations for students


I have prepared a collection of several presentations on Acoustic Emission for students. Presently it includes:
1. Acoustic Emission basics.
2. Acoustic Emission education program.
3. Acoustic Emission wave propagation and source location.



Acoustic Emission Terminology and Definitions Glossary English-English


I have created an electronic glossary of Acoustic Emission for popularization and education of AE method. It works with Balylon Translator and can be downloaded from
terminology section of the Portal of Acoustic Emission in http://www.muravin.com or soon also from www.babylon.com. Let me know if you want add/change/remove some of the terms and definitions.

It would be useful if such dictionaries will be created in different lenguages.

Best regards,
Boris Muravin


Russian books on Acoustic Emission


I have posted a list of Russian books on Acoustic Emission. The list was kindly provided by Prof. Vinogradov. Just in case you see some missing books, please let me know. I think it will be useful to create such list of other non-english publications.


Best regards,


Locate authors, institutions and articles related to acoustic emission by AuthorMapper

You can now locate geographically authors, institutions and articles related to acoustic emission on www.muravin.com in Portal of Acoustic Emission section using AuthorMapper a nice widget from Springer.

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Boris Muravin

Israeli Acoustic Emission Group annual meeting on Feb 26, 2009


An annual meeting of Israeli Acoustic Emission Working Group (IAEWG) took place on February 26, 2009. The IAEWG is a part of Non-Destructive Testing Department of Israeli Association of Engineers and Architects.

The meeting included:
1. Updates on activities of IAEWG in 2008.
2. Lecture of Dr. Arie Busiba on evaluation of fracture development in different composite materials using Acoustic Emission.
3. Lecture of Dr. Boris Muravin dedicated to on-line monitoring of critical components and structures using Acoustic Emission method.
4. Discussion of goals for 2009.

There were over 30 participants from different private and governmental companies and universities.

More about the IAEWG and the last meeting you can see in http://www.engineers.org.il/